The  Húnaþing vestra region of northwest Iceland covers an area of approximately 3000 km2 (approx. 1160 mi2). It is centrally located between Reykjavík and Akureyri and bounded by Holtavörðheiði and Arnarvatn in the south, Strandir to Stikuháls in the north, and the Vatnsnes peninsula and Gljúfurá in the east.  Iceland’s main road, Route 1 (the Ring Road), provides reliable year-round access to the region.

Hvammstangi, Laugarbakki and Borðeyri are the three main towns in Húnaþing vestra. Hvammstangi is the largest (population 554) and the main center for services and work in the region. Education in Húnaþing vestra  is provided by an excellent  Kindergarten (ages 1-5) and Elementary school (ages 6-15).  Students are also able to attend their first two years of Comprehensive College in Hvammstangi.

A wide variety of other public services are also available in Húnaþing vestra. These include a local health center, pharmacy, dental clinic, retirement village and serviced apartments. Hvammstangi also has a large general store  with a wide range of  household and building supplies, and agricultural equipment.