Connectivity – Road links

The major road of Iceland is  the Ring Road, or Route 1. This 1 332 km (828 mi) road circumnavigates Iceland connecting its major towns and villages. Smaller roads branch from the Ring Road providing access to the to the multitude of fjords and peninsulas as well as the central highlands and the tourist attractions they offer. The Ring Road passes through Húnaþing vestra with its main town, Hvammstangi situated  midway between the two largest cities in Iceland: Reykjavík 197 km (122 mi) to the South and Akureyri 201 km (125 mi) to the North.

The Ring Road is passable year-round, closing for only the most extreme of weather conditions. Access to Húnaþing vestra is excellent throughout the year. Information regarding road conditions is provided by the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration at their website,

Kjölur (F35) is a gravel road accessible by 4WD that connects Húnaþing vestra with the Southern Region via the highlands of Iceland. The route passes  through the area between the Langjökull and Hofsjökull glaciers. Kjölur (F35), which reaches an altitude of approximately 600–700m, is important for tourism  and can only be  traversed during the summer season.