General – The area and the people

The area

Hvammstangi, Laugarbakki and Borðeyri are the three most densely populated areas in Húnaþing vestra. Hvammstangi is the largest having a population of approximately 543 people (1st of February 2015) and provides the main center for service and work in the region. Húnaþing vestra offers a family friendly community with high levels of service and excellent pre-primary and elementary schools. There are also a variety of other public services in the region, including: fire service; a public library; a local health center which includes a dental clinic and  pharmacy; a home for elderly citizens; a gymnasium and swimming pool; sports clubs; serviced apartments; and a campsite.

The people

As of February 1st 2015 the population of Húnaþing vestra is 1171 people:  602 female and 569 male. The age distribution of the population is:

0-17 years, 253 people

18-66 years, 732 people

67 years and older, 186 people.