General – Education

General Education in Iceland

There are four levels of education in Iceland:

  • Pre-primary school ( leikskóli), ages 1-5;
  • Elementary school (grunnskóli), ages 6-16;
  • Comprehensive college (framhaldsskóli), ages 16-19; and
  • University or higher education (háskóli), subject to entry requirements.

Pre-primary school is intended for children of pre-primary school age. It is not compulsory and parents can choose whether or not to send their children. Elementary school is compulsory and intended for all children and teenagers aged 6-16 years. The school year extends for a minimum of nine months starting in late August or early September and finishing in late May or early June. Upon finishing elementary school students attend a comprehensive college to finish their education. Successful entrance to university requires successful graduation from college or successful completion of  equivalent studies. For adults who have not graduated from college, many universities offer programs of  “Preliminary Studies” to help students  gain the necessary admission qualifications to continue their education at university.

Education in Húnaþing vestra

There are excellent education facilities in Húnaþing vestra catering for all ages.

  • Pre-primary school
    Ásgarður offers pre-primary education and daycare for children from the age of one and children may attend for 4-8 hours per day. Breakfast and lunch are provided as are healthy snacks mid-morning and mid-afternoon. The school‘s main facilities are located in Hvammstangi, where there are separate departments for younger (1-3 years old) and older (4-5) children. Ásgarður also has daycare facilities Borðeyri where all children are cared for together.
  • Elementary school
    Húnaþing vestra’s elementary school facilities are located in Hvammstangi and Borðeyri. Students in grades/years 1-10 (ages 6-16) are taught at Hvammstangi while grades/years 1-4 who live in the  western part of Húnaþing vestra are taught at Borðeyri.
  • Comprehensive college, university and higher education
    Olders students can attend Fjölbrautaskóli Norðurlands vestra, a comprehensive college situated in Sauðárkrókur, approximately 105 km (65 mi) east of Hvammstangi.  Distance education facilities in Hvammstangi allow students to  attend remotely for the first two years after which they must finish the ir college education  outside of the region.
  • Adult and further education
    Farskólinn, a center for lifelong learning in Northwest Iceland, offers courses throughout the region as well as managing the university‘s distance learning. Many courses are available at Farskólinn, such as sewing courses, dog training, cooking, photography, ethics course and more. There are study lounges in Hvammstangi, Blönduós, Skagaströnd and Sauðárkrókur under the administration of the local municipalities.

  • Music school
    Húnaþing vestra‘s music school was founded in 1968 and is based in Hvammstangi. The school offers all of the major instruments as well as singing. Young students can also attend pre-music school and lessons for adults are also available.