General – Health and security

Medical and Healthcare Facilities

Iceland is divided into health care regions each with their own primary health care centres. These are often run jointly with the local community hospital. Húnaþing vestra is part of the  West Iceland Healthcare Centre (HVE) with hospital and specialist services located in Hvammstangi. The local healthcare center provides general health services for residents and for more serious health issues the hospital has 18 nursing rooms and 2 emergency rooms. Access to ancillary healthcare services such as physiotherapy and a dental clinic are also provided. HVE also provides daily services for the elderly.

Civil Protection

The Icelandic Government is responsible for all civil protection in Iceland. Municipalities are responsible for civil protection in their regions which they maintain in cooperation with the Icelandic Government. The municipality of Húnaþing vestra is committed to the safety of its people and businesses which is reflected in the funding of our local civil protection organisations.

Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue—ICE-SAR
The Húnaþing vestra ICE-SAR team, Húnar, is equipped with all of the necessary rescue vehicles and equipment required to respond to the land and sea-related rescue activities that arise in our region. Its headquarters are located Hvammstangi which also function as the field control center for civil protection in Húnaþing vestra. Húnar also maintains a rescue station at Laugarbakki and a rescue vehicle is permanently stationed at Borðeyri. There is also a youth division of the search and rescue team, Skjöldur, which provides important education and training for younger members of our community.

The Fire Department
The Fire Department in Húnaþing vestra is located in Hvammstangi. It is well equiped with two trucks and a wide range of specialised equipment required to tackle fire-related emergencies, as well as related issues that require pollution control. Our commitment to fire safety is reflected in the acquisition of a new fire truck in 2015 which will significantly improve response capabilities across Húnaþing vestra.

The Red Cross
A division of the Red Cross was established  in Húnaþing vestra  in 1974. The organization shares facilities with the rescue team, Húnar, at their headquarters in Hvammstangi. The Red Cross in  Húnaþing vestra is responsible for providing emergency  assistance as well as regular courses in first aid.

The Icelandic Police Force
The main role of the Icelandic police is to preserve public safety and maintain law and order. Iceland is divided into nine police districts, of which one covers the Northwest of Iceland, including Húnaþing vestra. The headquarters for the Northwest Police district are in Sauðárkrókur and the closest police station is located in the nearby town of Blönduós.

The emergency contact number for police, ambulance, fire and rescue services across the whole of  Iceland is 112.