General – Life after work

Húnaþing vestra boasts a large and diverse range of sporting and cultural activities. The municipality also subsidises access to after-school sport  and music lessons to ensure all children can  access these important activities.

The gymnasium and swimming pool in Hvammstangi provide the hub for sporting activities in the region. The gymnasium caters for a wide range of sports where many of the region’s folk meet to play everything from football, basketball, volleyball, to badminton, swimming and gymnastics.   Húnaþing vestra also enters teams in the men’s national football (soccer) and basketball leagues, women’s volleyball competitions and its weightlifting club also competes nationally.

Húnaþing vestra is also known for its love of horses and many of its residents own and ride horses. Regular rides, training and competitions make for a strong horse culture in the region that is both athletic and social. 

The region has a strong cultural life too with active theater groups, choirs (including a chanting society) and instrumental musical groups performing regularly. Women’s groups, card clubs and youth groups provide social interactions while those interested in serving the community can join  the rescue service or  one of the charitable organisations in the region.

Traditional events and celebrations throughout the year also play an important part in the cultural life of the region.