General – Weather

Iceland enjoys a relatively mild climate despite its location at the tip of the Arctic circle. A branch of the Gulf Stream which flows along the southern and the western coasts greatly moderates the climate. The confluence of mild Atlantic air and colder Arctic air results in a climate that is, however, marked by frequent changes in weather and storminess. This generally leads to more rainfall in the southern and western parts of Iceland while the north is cooler.

The climate across Húnaþing vestra is marked by cold, windy winters and mild, cool summers. The region is seldom isolated because of snowfall and roads are usually closed for only short periods when the weather is poor.

Climate data from the weather stations in Haugur (Miðfjörður) and Reykir (Hrútafjörður) provide a snapshot of the climate of Húnaþing vestra.


The weather plays a significant role in everyday life in Iceland and it is important to be aware of the weather forecast. Current weather forecasts and conditions can be found at and