Húnaþing vestra offers a multitude of investment opportunities. Your business plan and our knowledge of the region will form a partnership to have your business will be up and running in no time. In Húnaþing vestra we have all the skills and expertise to help turn your investment idea into reality.


Húnaþing vestra is centrally located between Iceland’s two largest cities, Reykjavík in the south and Akureyri in the north. Route 1 runs through the region ensuring reliable road transportation to the area all year round.

The largest  town in Húnaþing vestra is Hvammstangi  which acts as the economic and social hub for the region. Equipped with modern facilities, Hvammstangi combines the advantages of modern life with the beauty of a rural lifestyle. Hvammstangi also has an excellent harbour to  provide safe and sheltered anchorage. The port is actively use by fishing boats, cargo ships servicing the region,  as well as for tourism.

Húnaþing vestra is situated in a geologically stable region of Iceland with no active volcanoes and earthquakes are rare. In addition, the geography of the region does not support the conditions necessary for avalanche formation.

The weather in Húnaþing vestra occasionally restricts movement, as it can across the whole of Iceland. The national weather service provides excellent forecasts and warnings in time to plan ahead so that the weather is seldom a barrier to business.

Human resources

Human resources are an important and a key element in creating both a stable business and community. Quality human resources are equipped to respond quickly to issues as they arise. Our community in Húnaþing vestra is well-educated and the number of professional businesses in the region is indicative of our community’s high level of education.


Just as tourism to Iceland increases each year, so do the number of visitors to Húnaþing vestra. Visitors to our region come for the important historical sites, the best seal-watching in the country and our beautiful scenery. While here they can experience a variety of local produce, from locally grown vegetables and livestock farmed in the region to garments made with local wool.

Tourism in Húnaþing vestra is a young though firmly established industry with enormous potential for growth. It provides a unique opportunity for new business and investment in Iceland’s tourism industry.