Húnaþing vestra is a municipality  in northwest Iceland and home to expansive heathland, fertile pastures and a glorious coastline. Centrally located between Reykjavík and Akureyri it the region covers approximately 3000 km2 (approx. 1160 mi2) from Holtavörðheiði and Arnarvatn in the south and Strandir to Stikuháls in the north, to the Vatnsnes peninsula and Gljúfurá in the east.

The administrative center of  Húnaþing vestra is the town of Hvammstangi (pop 543), which is also home to excellent education and healthcare facilities and commercial services. The town has a well-equipped gymnasium, a heated 25m pool and hotpots (spa pools) that play such an important part of the daily life in Iceland.  The arts are well-provided for by an active music school catering for all ages and levels, choirs, and theatre groups that perform regularly. 

Smaller towns of note in Húnaþing vestra are Laugarbakki and Borðeyri. Laugarbakki is a residential town only 8 km away Hvammstangi and shares shares its services and facilities. Importantly, the region’s largest tourist hotel is located in Laugarbakki. The town of Borðeyri is situated on the western edge of Húnaþing vestra and has educational facilities for younger children and some commercial services.

Húnaþing vestra is rich in geothermal energy with three heating plants serving the region. Húnaþing vestra is geologically stable: there are no active volcanoes in the region and earthquakes are rare. Additionally, the geography of the region is such that avalanches  pose no threat.

Húnaþing vestra is perfectly situated to provide the services and facilities required to support your business.